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DB-Series Sensor Interface ICs

DB-Series signal processing ICs combine with NVE or other sensors, providing high-current switched output, thermal shutdown circuitry, reverse battery protection, and a regulated output voltage for the sensor and other electronics.

DB002 ICs also provide protection against short circuits and high voltage transients from capacitive and inductive loads. DB001 ICs do not provide short-circuit protection, and are designed for use primarily with sensors with their own short-circuit protection.

Illustrative applications are shown below:

AD9xx-xx/DB001 circuit
Short-circuit protection is provided by th AD9xx-xx. This illustrative circuit shows a current sourcing configuration. For current-sinking, connect “Source Out” to ground, and use “Sink Out” pin as output. Both the AD9xx part and the DB001-00 part come in MSOP8 packages for an extremely small PCB.


AD124/DB002 circuit
The DB002-00 provides short-circuit protection In this illustrative circuit.

DB-Series Datasheet (.pdf)

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