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GMR Magnetic Sensors

NVE is the recognized leader precise magnetic sensors based on spintronic GMR. The company has several sensor product lines:

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Analog Magnetic Sensors have high sensitivity bridge outputs, small size, and excellent temperature stability.

Digital Magnetic Sensors integrate GMR sensor elements with onboard digital signal processing electronics. NVE offers three series of digital sensors: AD-Series Digital Sensors with a 4.5 V – 30 V supply voltage; ADV001 bipolar digital sensors; and AFL-Series digital sensors with supply voltages as low as 0.9 V.

NEW Angle Sensors use Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) Technology to produce a very high output signal without amplification, a wide airgap tolerance, and very high resistance for extremely low power. Sine and cosine outputs provide full quadrature.

Current Sensors are highly linear, extremely low hysteresis GMR current sensors with on-chip current straps. True bipolar response and 99% linearity from -80 to +80 mA over the full operating temperature range.

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Medical GMR Sensors are proven solid-state components with no moving parts for inherent reliability, as small as 1 sq. mm or less, sensitive to fields as low as one oersted, and with very low power consumption.

GT Sensors™ are designed for detection of gear teeth and magnetic encoder wheels in industrial speed sensing. Low profile MSOP8, TDFN SO8, and TDFN6 packages allow GT Sensors to fit in the tightest spaces.

Peripheral ICs, including voltage regulators and signal processing ICs, for use with NVE or other sensors.

Evaluation kits so you can try NVE's remarkable sensors.

Several popular permanent magnets for use with NVE magnetic sensors.

NVE sensor products are available through the company's Online Store, or through its worldwide distributor